Friday, 26 March 2010

Happy street

Yesterday was pretty awesome.
I woke up and I knew that I have to do something !
I called my friend 'HH shinh đẹp' and asked her to join me, I guessed what I told her was too hard to resist :)) : 'Let's draw on the street outside my house !'
Of course, she said yes !
Here are some pictures from yesterday

I feels incredible when people was walking on the street and followed my footprints, no, actually handprints ... When I started, I dont really know if it works or not, I want to measure the way from my house to the bus stop, I counted it with my footstep at first, it took 295 footsteps, pretty amazed by the number of footsteps in that short way to the bus stop that I walked everyday.

I want to do something fun, I decided to measure everything with the wooden hands that I cut from the same size of my hands. So yeah, pretty much what you can see, wherever I go, I leave my 'handprints' on the road. People followed it, some kids jumped on it, one by one, one little boy asked his mom : 'Mommy, where did it go?', some came after me and asked what was it about, I told them about the project, they smiled and said : 'It's lovely !', 'They looks really nice.'

Nothing can be better to hear some compliments, I actually start to like this project, although there are still lots to do but I will try to do my best. See what you can do to make your life better and better ? Let's go out and leave your handprints on your daily route, from your house to your nearest shop, to the bus stop and feel the changes !


  1. oh wow simon!!!!
    that looks so funnn haha awww kids were jumping on them!! >.< thats so cute, and thats so nice to hear public people interested in what you're doing!!! Wish I could do something like that XD
    You're lucky police didn't come stop you LOL because graffiti is illegal!!! XD BAD SIMON ho ho ho :P

  2. haha yeah, kids did jump on them ! really cute, some followed the handprints to where I was drawing and staring at me like 'what are you doing' ?! haha.
    Ohhh, I thought its okay to draw on street? I mean ... err... using chalk ?! Cuz later that day there was a rain that brushed away all my 'lovely hands' ! how sad !

  3. wow Simon, this is really inspiring you know. I wonder what the project is about.
    Imagine me leaving my handprint everywhere I visit here made me *goosebump* somehow T__T.. For instant, if i would do that in the school libary, the libarian would fined me hahahha
    anyway, I love to see how you happy you were while studying and doing those creative things