Friday, 12 March 2010

Hand Book 1

Today is quite a productive day for me but time did not treat me well, so I only managed to finish 2 prints for my book. I need to do 5 prints which also means the starting page of each section in my book.

Would love to find out any good 2 color combinations, since I chose 2 layers screen-print technique.

I'm moving my obsession from hair ... to hand ... now. As the brief said : 'Be Obsessive', I myself got a favorite quote 'The Obsessions make my life worst and my work better.' I really really hope so.


  1. i love the blue one simon!!!!
    its so good!!

  2. aw simonnnn uve done loads! love your hands. soo many hands i like ur colour combinations. aw simon i havnt done anything..=(
    what shall i doooo?
    are you going to put all those screen prints in ur book?
    eekk i am starting to panic.
    but well done simonnnnn for working so hard. i need to be more like you!
    need motivation!