Thursday, 11 March 2010

Collage 01.

An invention of your choice : an easier version of a piano

A fantasy stage set : somewhere outer space

A narrative : half snake half human world

A provocative statement : have fun in hell

A new animal : a really disturbing animal


Tear an image from each book and join them to make a single image

Tear an image from each book and draw between the two images to make a single image

Join and image with a word, sentence or paragraph to make a single image

Bonus : A piece from my Illustration lesson which is kinda similar to the idea of tearing images from magazines, newspaper or books and play with them.

and guess what, I just got a new monthly Computer Arts magazine today !!! Make my day even better :D

( to HH : oops, I just copy your pose love )


  1. wowwww i love the keyboard and the outerspace one!
    Of course the snake one hahahaha i love it

  2. ohhhh your work looks so cool simonnn!!!
    hard working as always, making me feel bad *Criesss*
    susan has 0% ideas... *lameee* hope you did a lot of screen printing!!!

  3. Dear, your creativity touches me again and again and that has never failed. Very simple, very pleasant to see. :) I particularly like the half human half snake world.

    And of course, tha~o nao nhin cai hinh cuoi cung cu' ngo*` ngo*... :P

    Miss youxx

  4. So ... Half snake half human world is No.1 favorite then ahahaha it has been set as my wallpaper recently :D

    How come Susan has 0% idea, she must hide it in her tiny mind ! Sneaky !!!

    oh yeah love, I'm glad that you like it, and hey, did you get a hair cut ! I'm so curious now haha !

  5. Ohh i was waiting for u to upload the snake pic! im wanted to put it as my desktop image! makes me laugh =)
    moving image looks cooooool but too intense for me.. illus is enough..i havnt done anythinnngggggggg so scared to come in tmorrow.
    keep up the hard work Simon!