Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Richard Long.

[A Line Made by Walking 1945]
'... my intention was to make a new art which was also a new way of walking: walking as art. Each walk followed my own unique, formal route, for an original reason, which was different from other categories of walking, like traveling.'

[Dusty Boots Line Sahara 1988]
'... To make art only by walking, or leaving ephemeral traces here and there, is my freedom. I can make art in a very simple way but on a huge scale in terms of miles and space.'

[A Circle in Scotland 1986]
'... The world is full of relatively permanent things like rock strata or the sea, but also transient things, like the life span of a butterfly, or the endlessly changing patterns of seaweed on a beach. I would like to think my work reflects and uses this rich complexity and reality.'


  1. Tất cả những cái quotes này đều rất hay. HH thích nhất câu cuối cùng. So inspirational. Thank you for sharing dear.