Friday, 9 April 2010

My Tee collection

I dont remember when I got this kind of feeling, when you get excited buying something
and you know it would be part of something else.
For me, whenever I see a Tee that make good 'eye-contact' to me, then yes, you got me, or in order way, I will get you.
And I dont remember when it started... I do get bored of clothes, but I dont throw it away, specially Tee, I keep it, I got a feeling that I will use it again, or maybe just have a collection of it.
( That would be cool, rite :D ? What you waiting for, have you own collection :) )


    Thích cái top left <3. Sth I don't mind wearing :)). Hay để SN D tặng tee?
    Should I start điểm danh my clothes too? Hôm bữa chỉ mới dọn ra xếp theo colour code thôi mà đã mất nguyên 1 ngày mệt phờ người =))

  2. haha, chua gi nghi den chuyen SN tui an choi o VN roi ha :)) !
    Uh, nguoi ma xep cai tu do to to chang cua nguoi la cai Tee colection cua ta chac ko tham vao dau het =))))