Sunday, 4 December 2011

Handmade & Bound Fair

Hello lovely people, my apologies for being lazy not updating my blog due to many events / projects I've been involved with recently.

Handmade & Bound Book art and zine fair was one of them. It's really special to me because it was the first fair that I actually promoted and sold my artworks. In preparation for the fair, I made 40 Hairy zines, 30 'Woof-woof' screen-printed posters and about a dozen of little handmade passport-size notebooks.
The event was rather successful, always packed with people hunting for hand-made Christmas gifts for friends and family. Unbelievably, my posters were sold out half way through the event which made me so hyped for the whole day. Yay me!

I just wanted to thank Alex Mellon for getting me involved, and also say well-done to my friends who we all shared table together: Sid Jung, Nick Morley, James Sanderson and Louise Handyside!
Check them out guys!

Some pictures from Handmade & Bound:

And here is a lovely short film about the fair which I found on their website:

Handmade & Bound from James Devereaux-Ward on Vimeo.


  1. Wow! Congrats on all the sales! That looks like a fun venue.
    Are those cutouts of your making?

  2. Those cutouts are from a different book maker, unfortunately I don't remember his name but it was really nice!

  3. Those cutouts are by Andy Malone (or at least look very similar to his work) you can find some of his observers books on if it's any help. Really sad I missed this!