Thursday, 17 November 2011

Hairy zine.

I always want to make zines since I started studying graphic. Finally here it is, my first zine ever.
The idea is real simple, Hairy zine is a zine about hair, literally. I have a huge obsession with detail drawings, specially drawing hairs (i mean drawing lines; big small short long thin thick etc.) so why not take advantage of it.

My inspiration came from Soju Tanaka's cute zine that I saw at a zine fair not long ago. His zine is a collection of doodles under "Family" subject, family of clouds, family of floss candies, family of umbrella...

And I'm planning to sell it in Handmade & Bound book art & zine fair in Brick Lane, pop by if you can.


  1. No nipples? T^T ~~ ??
    It's so hairy, it's covering the nipples!

  2. Woo hoo go the Zine. Love them. I have a hairdressing trade and i still struggle when it comes to drawing hair...go figure.