Friday, 21 January 2011

Drawing workshop.

We got a drawing workshop today where each of us was given one specific material to work with and the task was to explore/expand and really get involved and connect with the material.
Mine was grey pencil crayon, which I thought at first would be easy but turned out to be a tough one to get things done the way I wanted.
Not really handy while working with big scale.

Conceptual drawing with the word chosen 'Gravity'
Aiming and throwing pencils to the piece of wood to capture the marks was my idea.

Figurative drawing.

Some of my friends got 'Staples' and 'Needles' as material and they did a very good job in the end of the day, they found their way to control the material and actually image making with it.

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  1. Bây giờ xem hình close up mới thấy rõ đây ngiu. Cách anh xử lí cái chữ "gravity" với cái material này cũng hay. :) One question: Did you really have to aim?

    Your friend's "staples" is brilliant!