Sunday, 9 December 2012

Arty Crafty Christmas fairs around town

Waking up with bright sun lights and festive music from 4Music channel on the telly playing from the living room, I knew today is one of those precious good-weather day when you have to go out of the house to celebrate.

Christmas fairs seems to be an appropriate theme for today's outtie adventure. Hence, I jumped on the overground to Haggerston for "East London Designer Christmas Market" nearby the station. If you are looking for a super cool, trendy fashion items such as designer's bespoke clothes, accessories (necklaces, earrings, silk scarfs etc.) then this is the place for you. A complimentary kitchen is served with biscuits, Rosy Lee Tea and warm homemade mulled wine.


A very different environment when you enter "Crafty Fox Market" hosted at The Dogstar in Brixton. Crowed, music in the background, and feel free to quickly grab a beer at the bar and bring it with you when browsing. Spilling alert, highly not recommended and make sure you keep a good distance from the stalls! 
Affordable handmade products can be found here such as xmas cards, animal cushions, cute stuffed ornaments for your xmas tree, screen printed posters etc. The place is quite big with 3 floors including workshops at the top. I enjoyed here more compare to the Designer one.

Here are a picture of a tiny yellow pencil brooch I got from this fair for less than a fiver. Wowcher! 
Have a nice weekend you lovely people that have just finished reading this post! :) 

p/s: A list of stalls that totally blown me away today :) 

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