Sunday, 6 June 2010

'Do not enter'

'Do not enter' from DUY PHAN on Vimeo.

Location : Waterloo Tunnel, London.
Waterloo tunnel is a legal graffiti area where people can come and do their graffiti's works, you can do what you want, either it's a well-made designed piece or simply your signature on the wall with spray paint.
'Do not enter' is basically a mixed piece between wall pasted and spray-painted. With the images of my hand-drawn brick wall photocopied up to 2 A0s, then spray-painted on top of it to create the clean wall illusion behind the security line with a sign 'Do not enter'. Giving clean clear wall to street artists is like giving the meat to the lion, but in fact, it's fake.
Invisible war will happen, they dont know me, I dont know them, but let's see what they response and how long my piece gonna last. People will rip it ? spray on top ?


  1. Wowww~~!! Can't believe you put your name on it!! ahaha
    It's pretty amazing~!! The soundtrack is really good too~ I hope you do well for IMI though I'm sure you will without a doubt :D

  2. Thank you Suuuuuue !!
    This comes with the photo book of 7 days I recorded the response from the public :).
    But I wish I could have pushed it abit further ! 'I go where I like' was the first and only response :( I should have said something back to see where this conversation goes.

  3. ohhh photo book!!!! Such a cool idea... if you had the chance to take more photos in a day, it could have become a flick book... *__* aww... i understand what you mean about "sticking to your initial idea" i feel that way with print as well... the outcomes could have been good, but just not enough time T^T!!
    Really hope you do well!! Hopefully I'll see you in illustration next year... *__*;; if they.... are not so harsh on late submissions for the forms... /orz;;