Sunday, 2 May 2010

M.A.C.H.I.N.E 01

'His name is Tom, he is a model for a fabric shop in Broadway Market. He got everyone's eyes, beware of this cat.'


" Machines surround us from the simplest of gadgets to highly complex systems. They have become a feature of our everyday lives and their evolution has possibly overwhelmed their makers. "
" Machines have the ability to benefit or inconvenience our day-to-day existence, for better or worst, good or for bad they help us travel, create images, connect with each other contain and even challenge mortality: a machine can provide the capacity to create, maintain or end life. "

The above information is from my new project's brief, we are about to build/make a 3D machine from one of the eight categories:
1. Pet machine
2. Wake up and Smell the Coffee Machine
3. Romance machine, Love and sex machine
4. Drawing and Mark Making Machine
5. Games Machine
6. One Man Band Machine
7. Sound Machine
8. Insomnia Machine
It is really hard to pick, I have been thinking and pick out 2 : Sound machine and Insomnia Machine. Hmm i'm curious how it gonna come out to real life later !!

Been looking for material in Broadway Market, and here, look what I found :

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