Thursday, 11 February 2010

Life's good :D

What a joyful feeling when you finished everything, deadline and assessment ! No more projects, no more research, sketchbooks or workshop to worry about...

But during the time that you have to 'live in worry, live in fear' for several days, you just messed up your sleeping pattern. Last week when I have to become all-nighter unwillingly, coffee and Redbull became my best friends ever ;___; ! A quick nap is theoretically possible and I think it works really well. It likes a trick to your brain, give it a short rest then you can work whenever you want.
However, 'quick nap' is a dangerous thing to do, most people cannot do it because this ultimately causes people to sleep through alarms and miss finals, deadlines and other 'horrible consequences' =)).

Poor my 'old body', i have a feeling that it gets weaker and weaker after deadline by deadline :)). I dont understand my sleep time anymore ... Since everything is over, like today, I went out and came back home at 6, dont know when I fell asleep, woke up a few times and I thought it was in the middle of the night but then I looked at the clock, only 10 !!! What the hellllll T___T
Hopefully it will get back to normal somehow ... !!!


Some pictures of my last project, 'Folklore' project :

The back of my CD Cover, but I think I'm not gonna put it as a final piece.

And my final animation, which totally change from the first one, but I like it and so as my tutor :D ! Thanks god that the music fits quite well within the animation.

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