Monday, 1 February 2010

Folklore project

Briefly translate what happened in my mind, in my story to an animation but It looks really ... unfinished, messy and not smooth at all T__T
This is an unfinished intro for my animation. I've done any sound effect yet and that will be another problem that 'future' me have to deal with.
The 'pumping part' at the end is odd ... I think I need to redo it. :(
We are running out of time GMD1 people T___T


  1. simon i really like the red bit at the end how did u do it?! love your print btw the bottom of the hand looks like some bamboo stick old traditional painters used to draw uno?

  2. It's a bit rough but there's a nice feel to it. Có cốt truyện ko? :)) Còn dài ko? Hope to see the end product soon.
    Aja fighting!! o^^o